Monday, November 11, 2013

~* it's beginnin' to look a lot like Christmas*~

 So my bid as a City Councilor is over. I lost my last campaign. Truthfully I am glad it is over. It is sooooo much work, no one really knows how much, and it is thankless!!! No one tells you you are doing a good job, just what you are doing wrong.
 So I started making my Christmas gifts this year last Spring. I am almost finished, except these embroidered hand towels I am finishing up.  I love the way they are coming out and am making a few extras for those last minute events we go to where we need a gift. They are so cute and I know I especially love a homemade gift.  
So along with the other gifts I have made, I have these for my family and maybe some lucky person who invites me over for a holiday party!
Have a great day!