Tuesday, April 24, 2012

~*and the finished countertop...*~

 And here is the finished counter top. I love it. So much in fact that I am hesitant to use it to cut on. I know it is a cutting board counter top, but. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! And I don't want to put a scratch on it!!! I am so pleased with the way it came out. After we brought it home, I got out the beeswax and buffed it and it wIas just so gorgeous!!!!
 I have stopped by Home Depot and looked at the "faux tin" tiles for the back splash and as soon as I decide on the other counter top and sink I can finish the whole process! Oh happy day!!!
Have a great day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

~* before and during my latest project*~

Since being elected to the City Council I have not really had ANY time to do any project, crafts or anything else in the house. I barely had time to decorate for the holidays! But Dan has been off for the last week and a half and we decided to do a "small" project that had been on our list. We have a small counter top next to the stove that I have wanted to replace for some time now. I have kept a large cutting board on top of the counter top and wanted to replace the entire counter top with a cutting board surface. Some time ago Dan had acquired what he thought was a sizable piece of butcher block that we would be able to use for this, but after taking off the counter we realized that it was a couple of inches too short. So we went to a few woodworking shops in our city and found one that we liked that is now cutting and finishing a bamboo cutting board counter top for me! Yea!!!

However, in the week that it will take, they need my old counter top as a template and I am left with plywood to cover the hole and all my "stuff" is left on the island. I guess that is the price I have to pay for finally have the counter top I desire!
In the end it will all be worth it and my counter will be so neat and I will not have to have an extra cutting board on the counter and I will have a neat work space! Not to mention I will finally get rid of the 1950s Formica!!!

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

~* a new before and after *~

This is my spice rack before. My husband made it for me many many years ago. I love it! But it was too small for the spice jars I have and it did not hold enough of the spices I regularly use by the stove. I had been looking and looking for a spice rack I could re-do at the thrift stores for some time now. Patience is not my strongest quality!

Here you can see that I have only a few jars, and the top holds store bought ones because of the top rail.
Finally I found this one and fell in love with it. I put the one my husband made me in the pantry and filled it with the store bought jars and quickly got to work putting my beautiful spice rack and spice jars out.

Now my frequently used spices (you know the ones you buy in bulk because you use so much of them!!) and specialty salts and such are right at my fingertips as I am cooking and I don't need to go into the pantry to get them. It may seem like a small thing, but really, aren't those the things in life that make us happy!

I really love it and I am sure that it will make all my cooking so much nicer!

Have a great day!