Thursday, May 19, 2011

~* hello prim friends *~

I changed out my wooden bowl full of rag eggs and made some rag balls. I really like the way they came out. It has been doing nothing but raining here on the East coast for the last 5-6 days and I cannot get out and finish the gardens, so I decided it was time to put the eggs away, but I really loved the look of the ragging, so I made some season free rag balls. It was nice to just sit for a bit while I ripped all those stripes of fabric.
I wrapped a pip berry garland I had around the bowl to give them a little lift since the bowl is large and even though there is 15 of them, they seem to get lost in it. I put a plastic take out container top inside the bowl under the material to give them some height as well.

Well I just got home from my birthday dinner with the family. Nothing fancy, we just went out for Chinese buffet, but it was nice to be a family for dinner. Since the kids are older, and Dan is so busy at work lately we hardly have time to have dinner as a family. I guess a birthday is as good a reason as any.

Have a great day!

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