Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~* I want to live a simple life*~

Oh, sometimes life is so complicated. How I wish things could be so simple, like in this photo. I have been purging so much junk from my home for some time now. Getting rid of all the stuff I don't use, clothes I don't wear, decorations I don't use. I like the feeling of a de-cluttered life and home. Now if I could just get my husband on board. He is a bit of a pack rat. He saves everything. "There may be a use for this or that, I may need this later" he will say and so he saves things. His workshop is a mess. But when he needs something it is there. I just don't think it is worth it to save .28 cents. But he does and so he saves things. I like things neat. So I don't like the workshop. But I love him, so I deal with the messiness. But some day it would be nice if it were neat. I like things in their place, and I think he could put things in their place if he had the time to do it, then he could find the things he needs or is looking for. I would love to live like a pioneer, when people didn't have so much, and everything they had, had a purpose. That would be such a simple joyful life!

Have a great day!

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Laurie Anne said...

I often feel the same way, but then I push the button on my dishwasher and I'm glad I'm not Ma Ingalls, hehe.
We too are purging the junk around here. Sad really at how much there is. I keep telling myself there is someon out there with so much less who could really use it :0)