Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~* a repair *~

This is my old faucet, it was new when we moved in, we installed it. However, after years of my son's abuse, it leaked. Badly. So bad, last Wednesday, during the worst storm of the year so far, I had a flood under my sink. And so off to the hardware store we went to get a new one. Luckily when I bought this faucet, I bought one with a lifetime warranty. But that was of no consolation for Dan during the storm. Especially when we got stuck in the snow in the parking lot!
However! I love the new kitchen faucet! So, I can't be all that upset with the fact that we had to replace it.
What do you think?
I really like the new one so much, I think we need to replace the one in the bathrooms as well! Those were not new when we moved in, so they may go at any time, now!?
Have a great day!


Carmen at Primcats said...

Love the new faucet!!!! Black is my fav! Maybe I'll ge tlucky and may faucet will break too! LOL!

Carmen and the Primcats

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, I love that faucet. Maybe I'll have to encourage my son to finish mine off. LOL
Any reason to buy something new, or preferably OLD is fine with me. Have a great day! Cathy

purensimple-Theresa said...

Hi Marie, Love your new faucet. Isn't it great how the simplest thing can make us so happy. Love your blog. Have a great day. hugs Theresa

Ann said...

Hi Marie,

I'm sorry you had to replace the faucet during a snow storm - but WOW it looks great. Love the new black look on the faucets - we just put one in our 1/2 bath. ~Ann

Sunny simple life said...

I love it. My kitchen faucet it leaking too but up top. Hubby keeps putting it back together. I love the finish on yours.