Sunday, January 23, 2011

~*love a knock off *~

I love these drinks at Taco Bell. I haven't been able to put my finger on how they were made, so tonight I searched them out. They sound so easy and so much cheaper to make yourself, huh? I am going to keep these ingredients around!!!

You’ll Need:
Sierra Mist, Sprite, or 7UP. We recommend Sierra Mist, because that’s what they have at TB.
Frozen Limeade concentrate, thawed. If you want the Cherry Limeade, use a frozen Cherry Limeade concentrate.
Fill a cup with ice. The ice is what keeps the limeade at the bottom of the cup and produces the Taco Bell look. (If it’s cold, but doesn’t have ice, you won’t quite get the same thing!)
Put 2 to 4 ounces of your choice limeade concentrate in the bottom of the glass, depending on how strong you want the lime flavor, and how big your glass is.
Fill to top with Sierra Mist. Slice lime into quarters. Place in top of glass for garnish or squeeze juice into drink. Serve and enjoy!

Have a great day!

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bittersweetandprim said...

Hello Marie, I just came across your blog and I am now a follower. Thanks for sharing and I love your new shelf, its prim perfect! I will be back soon and stop by sometime to visit me