Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~* my christmas gift *~

Yeah I am finally getting a dough/noodle board. It is the only thing on my wish list this year and my husband ordered one for me. (Actually I did the ordering but he is paying!!!) It is a special order since they are made to order when the orders are placed so I may not get it by Christmas, but that is ok. I am so happy to finally be getting one. At first he thought he would make one, but as time went on he was not getting lucky on finding just the right board to make on out of, so finally we went ahead and ordered it. I am getting black over red! Of course! It will be a nice finishing touch to that part of my kitchen! I can't hardly wait!!! I did finally get my kitchen tree up and decorated. I will try and get some pictures up soon. I have been so busy with working on the parade committee. Ok, off to fold some laundry.
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see your beautiful Noodleboard! :) What a wonderful gift!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Awesome! They are so fun to decorate! You are going to love it!

Carmen and the Primcats

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Well, it certainly will be a Merry Christmas at your house:)