Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~* an update for today's post *~

Ok, here is the final outcome! Leslie guessed it right.... I made a little table bench. Dan had all this as scrap wood down in the basement. I didn't have to cut the top at all, the legs were almost the right length and I hand cut the shape into them. I painted it FolkArt Licorice (my favorite Black!) distressed it and put a couple coats of flat poly.
It is still a little tacky as the a/c was out for a while today as we lost power in part of our house. I know- weird. We had a down wire and lost power to only part of the house for a few hours. And if that weren't bad enough, Krista hurt herself at work today so I spent a couple hours bringing her to the clinic and pharmacy to take care of that. That is just some of the reasons why I am posting my finished product so late!
But on a brighter note I went with my girlfriend to a curb alert (when someone posts on Craigslist that they have a bunch of stuff on the curb and it is there for the taking) that she wanted to go check out. I got a bench that I want to refinsh and use as a coffee table and a bentwood rocking chair to redo. Not a bad take, considering she got nothing!
Ok, it's late and I am beat!
Have a great night!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Great job on the table bench. I've been thinking about making one too.


Kindra said...

Great little table bench! I love the finish on it!

Twilight40 said...

Ok, so where do you get Folk Art Licorice paint?! I got to have it lol. Thanks.

Cheryl M.

Connie said...

I sort of stumbled over your blog and I just love it.
I hope you don't mind, I added my name and picture to your Follower's.

Have a good day.