Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~ *turning old into new *~

Like I said before we have been having a heat wave. It has been so hot out, it has actually been in the 100's. It rained last night and today, though, but it only added to the stickyness. So today it was wet and sticky and hot. I decided to do a project inside to take my mind off the fact that it was just so miserable out.
I had this clock that my Aunt and Uncle gave me years ago. It was perfect for my country kitchen then. Blue with geese. But for the last few years it has been hanging in the basement laundry room, with a dead battery. Recently my clock died and I replaced it with this one- temporarily. So today I decided to make the big step and paint it. It was a little more work that I expected, since the whole front was a paper insert and not painted on as I initially thought. I found a printable clock face online, and printed in on this "bark" paper that I actually have a few pads of. A couple coats of Color Traditions "Red Iron Oxide" paint, then I sanded and distressed it. I glued the clock face on and Mod Podged the front and replaced the hands and VOILA- my "new" kitchen clock. As you can see from the time difference it took several hours to complete, even inside with the A/C because it is so humid and sticky and I wanted the paint and the Mod Podge to dry completely.
I actually love the way it looks in my kitchen compared to the blue clock and I am so glad I did it.
It was a great rainy day project to do and for only the cost of the paint, the clock face and the paper I have a whole "new" clock out of my old one!
Have a great day!


terrypi said...

Just discovered your blog yesterday. I love it. I live not too far from you. I am in Westerly, Rhode Island!!!

Linda Stubbs said...

You did a sweet job with your wall clock. Isn't fun when we can take something old and make something new?

Blessings Marie,

Kindra said...

Isn't paint amazing?! Love your new RED clock! Good bye geese! LOL