Friday, July 09, 2010

~* a quick change out *~

A few years ago I made these curtains above. They weren't lined and I put them together really quickly, but I loved them and they did the job of covering the windows. I had off white curtains there before and I wasn't really happy with those at all. We hadn't replaced our windows yet, and all that was there really was a pane of glass. Well, the fading was horrible and there was hardly any color left in them. So today I replaced them with these curtains I had.
They are not my final choice for what I want in here, but they make a big difference already in the look. I would really like to put some prairie curtains in here. I am also thinking of putting up some wallpaper, maybe doing the half wall thing. The room is not that large, although I have the hutch and dining table in there. I just think maybe it will help make the room look larger. Of course since this room is pretty much finished and we can use it without any hassles I will just have to wait until we finish renovating some of the other rooms that are completely torn apart right now. Patience....
Have a great day!

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