Thursday, April 01, 2010

~*the mill is grinding again*~

So a few years ago Dan gave me a pepper mill and salt shaker set for Christmas. They were nice and it was my first pepper mill. But they were made from plastic and although I loved them, the pepper mill recently broke and after grinding some plastic into a dish, I decided sadly to throw them out! He had also purchased a salt mill that I had grown to love as well and I was grinding sea salt into my cooking instead of using kosher salt or God forbid worse plain iodized table salt which we haven't used in years. So when I had to throw my pepper mill out, I went looking for a new matched set. I decided since we use them nearly every day I wanted to make sure I got a good set, with no plastic parts, and that the grinding mechanism was stainless steel.
Meet our new beauties...these are William Bounds Mills. In deep red! With lifetime warranties! Made in the USA!!!
And do you see the hearts in the handles? So cute!!! And they can be used by a right or left hander (hey dad, that's for you!!!). I love how the handles are so easy to turn and the adjustments are right there on the crank handles so easy to see. A nice addition to my prim country kitchen, even if they are a really modern convenience, they don't look it!
Have a nice day!

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~~Mikki Jo said...

These are lovely, makes me want new ones too! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you come back soon!