Monday, November 16, 2009

~*a new before and after *~

This was my previous TV stand and TV. I was happy with the TV but the stand was not meant to be in the corner to it made blind spots on the screen so you couldn't see areas of the screen. Ok, I could live with it. But a few months ago (several but a little thing called a city council campaign overtook my life!!!) my TV died and we have been using a spare 19 inch in it's place. Now, you can't go from a 36 inch to a 19 inch. It is like going from running water to a outhouse. Very disturbing. And I can't see anymore so trying to see the writing on that little screen was near impossible. I didn't know what was on most of the time, or who the actors were or what time things came on, etc. But a few months ago (again, a little thing called campaign happened!) we bought a 42 inch flat screen TV at a really good price. However, that would not fit into this TV cabinet/armoire. It was not going in, no way no how! So, finally last weekend Dan and I had some free time so we went TV cabinet shopping, in the rain! Yeah, I know! No so bright. But again, I say, we finally had some free time. There is an unfinished furniture store about 5 minutes away in the next town so we went there to see what they had. I really wanted a corner armoire but I have a window on the left hand side that is quite close. So we found this cabinet instead AND it was already finished! Good deal, I don't have to finish it AND it fit in the back of my car! Plus Dan is going to build me a corner shelf for above it so I will have some more storage that I gave up losing my armoire! I will all around! And I can finally see what is on TV, what time it is and who the actors are! Whew!
Life is good again!
Have a great day!


Sandy said...

Oh WOW, I like this so much better :)
Nothing like a flat screen TV, less room it takes up and light weight. You will love this TV!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Marie, that is so nice! And having a cupboard above will make it appear "built in." Good for you! We are still using our old tv and I dread it breaking. I know a new tv will cost quite a bit and I know a new one won't fit in my armoire either because of the shape. So I hope we make out as well as you when the time comes.
Have a great week!