Friday, November 20, 2009

~* li'l st nick *~

How do you like this little guy? I LOVE him. A few years ago I saw him (well not him but one just like him) on my mom's tree and just fell in love with him. They had made him at workshop and she told me they had more put away for the bazaar and I could get one when they brought all the stuff out to sell. Well I worked and worked waiting patiently to get my little guy last year. Come bazaar time I volunteered to set up the ornie table. I gently unpacked (ok not really, I tore into those boxes looking for Santa!) and set up the tables but there were no Santa ornies to be found. She said "hum, maybe be sold them all last year". WHAT??? I was so disappointed. I told my mom she should just give me the one off her tree. She didn't find that amuzing. So, they made them again this year for the bazaar and she made me one specifically, in colors she knew I would love. And I do. I have a small tree that is all Santas and I cannot wait to add him to that tree. He will get a prime spot in the front somewhere. I love ornies that are different, that are not mass produced, that you just can't buy anywhere, and he fits the bill perfectly. And what makes him all the more special is that he was made for me by my mom! He's so perfect!
Have a great day!

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carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

He is adorable! I also love the colors and materials he is made of!

Have a great week!