Saturday, November 28, 2009

~* it's a blogiversary giveaway *~

Next Tuesday, the 1st is my 4 year blogiversary. Kinda just snuck up on me. But in honor of it I am giving away these sorta prim Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls. Oh, and no I didn't make them.
All you have to do is leave me a comment, tell me what you like about my blog, what you don't, what you've learned about me, what surprised you most about me, whatever.... I'd love to hear what you think about my blog.
I will pick a number next Friday for the winner.
It's Christmas season now, I can drag out the Christmas decorations. I think I will start with my favorite, the snowman diningroom tree! Maybe the window candles too. I am still recovering from our second Thanksgiving dinner yesterday! Always good food, just sooooo much of it.
I had to get a new dishwasher. Mine didn't last too long... it was new when we bought this house, 6 years ago. I hate that appliances and such are not made to last that long anymore. Anyways, it is coming on the 10th. Great! Right in the middle of the Christmas holidays we are going to replace our dishwasher. Oh well, what are you gonna do? At least it will be new and ready for my tradition of Christmas morning breakfast!
Time to get some housework done, that neverending job...
Have a great day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

~* happy Thanksgiving *~

Happy Thanksgiving my bloggy friends!
Fill your day with family, friends and lots and lots of yummy food!

I will be going to my parents' house and seeing my brother's family.

Don't forget to take some time today to remember all that you are thankful for.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~* happy Thanksgiving eve *~

I just finished putting dinner in the crock pot, sausage, peppers and onions. YUMMO! It will start smelling so good in here soon. And I got some fresh rolls at the market this morning. Oh dinner is going to be so good. But before I get to dinner I have so much to do!
See, today I am making pies for tomorrow and our second "Thanksgiving dinner" Friday. I won't make whole pies for both, but what is left over tomorrow will be for Friday which is why I am making more than one to take to my parents. We don't usually have any leftovers, that is a problem with a big family. Yesterday Dan picked up our turkey. We got a fresh one from here , you should really go to that link and read about them. I wanted one about 10-12 lbs seeing as it is just the 3 of us and we don't need more than that, but the smallest he could get was 19lbs. Oh goodness, we are going to be eating a lot of turkey over the next week!!!
Well, that is what I am working on today. I was finally able to get Dan's Christmas present that I ordered months ago. The person I ordered it from dropped it off this morning. I honestly almost forgot all about it until he reminded me about it last weekend. That is how long ago I ordered it. I know you are all probably wondering what it is and I would love to share but Dan sometimes reads my blog so, sorry it will have to wait until after the holidays!
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday tomorrow! Fill it with lots of family, friends and love!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~* some more TS goodies *~

I went to pick up one's of Dan's Christmas presents that I ordered months ago and on the way there I stopped at a local thrift store. I found these goodies today. A tea canister in my Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne pattern, a wooden box (says flour with some pattern on it) that I am going to sand and paint black and put in my bathroom with some of my bathroom supplies in it, and 2 prim wooden plates.
This crow one that I can leave out all year long. I don't really have any thing crow, I don't believe but I couldn't resist this plate, it was just calling to me and the price was right at $1.99

And this awesome prim Christmas tree one that I just may leave out all year. It is just so cute, I love it. And it wasn't bad at $2.99. My whole day's trip was only $9 so it was a good stop. I have to go to the market still today, and I am getting over some kind of stomach bug so I don't want to get too worn out. We are going to my parents for Thanksgiving but doing one of our own here on Friday. It may not be as stressful, but it will be as large. Still have to get all the fixin's! Well, time to get those errands done!
Have a great day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

~* li'l st nick *~

How do you like this little guy? I LOVE him. A few years ago I saw him (well not him but one just like him) on my mom's tree and just fell in love with him. They had made him at workshop and she told me they had more put away for the bazaar and I could get one when they brought all the stuff out to sell. Well I worked and worked waiting patiently to get my little guy last year. Come bazaar time I volunteered to set up the ornie table. I gently unpacked (ok not really, I tore into those boxes looking for Santa!) and set up the tables but there were no Santa ornies to be found. She said "hum, maybe be sold them all last year". WHAT??? I was so disappointed. I told my mom she should just give me the one off her tree. She didn't find that amuzing. So, they made them again this year for the bazaar and she made me one specifically, in colors she knew I would love. And I do. I have a small tree that is all Santas and I cannot wait to add him to that tree. He will get a prime spot in the front somewhere. I love ornies that are different, that are not mass produced, that you just can't buy anywhere, and he fits the bill perfectly. And what makes him all the more special is that he was made for me by my mom! He's so perfect!
Have a great day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

~* a yummy post*~

I love this stuff. It makes my morning coffee so good. It reminds me of my favorite Starbucks coffee that I don't partake of too often because 1. they closed the one close to us and 2. they are really too expensive to have too often. So this is the next best thing, and for $1.50 a bottle I can have many cups of this delicious nectar. However, since it is a holiday flavor I can only have it around this time of year.
So, I can sit and enjoy my morning joe with my peppermint mocha flavor all through this holiday season, as long as I can find it (ok, I bought 4 bottles at the store yesterday!!!). But it one of my guilty pleasures of the season that I give myself, and I don't give myself too many.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~*my latest thrift store find*~

I found these electric sponge ware lamps today when I stopped into the TS spur of the moment when I had to go pick Matthew up from school since his truck is broken and his class is in the a few towns over (college you know!) so I was a few minutes (20 or so) early and decided to stop in the TS just to check and see if they had any new Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne or prim stuff. I happened upon these lamps and was even more surprised to see that they were electric. I am not sure what room they are going to go in yet, but I just could not pass them up. They were only $3.99 each. I may or may not keep the globe arms on them, I might just get low wattage frosted bulbs and use them in the living room for light when we go out and turn on lights so we don't come home in the dark. I just adore them.
Tomorrow we pick up Dan's new car, and Matthew will have his old one so the driving him back and forth to school will be remedied. I can hardly wait, I hate having to make that 2o minute each way drive 4 days a week trip. And Matt really doesn't enjoy having his mom drive him to college!
Well, it is late, but I got a lot accomplished today. About 3 months worth of junk mail shredded, groceries, laundry, moved all the stuff from my old jelly cabinet into the old TV armoire that I am now using next to my desk, finished packing up all the t-shirts and banners from my election, and finally cleared off my kitchen table! Whew! Off to bed now!
Have a great day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

~*a new before and after *~

This was my previous TV stand and TV. I was happy with the TV but the stand was not meant to be in the corner to it made blind spots on the screen so you couldn't see areas of the screen. Ok, I could live with it. But a few months ago (several but a little thing called a city council campaign overtook my life!!!) my TV died and we have been using a spare 19 inch in it's place. Now, you can't go from a 36 inch to a 19 inch. It is like going from running water to a outhouse. Very disturbing. And I can't see anymore so trying to see the writing on that little screen was near impossible. I didn't know what was on most of the time, or who the actors were or what time things came on, etc. But a few months ago (again, a little thing called campaign happened!) we bought a 42 inch flat screen TV at a really good price. However, that would not fit into this TV cabinet/armoire. It was not going in, no way no how! So, finally last weekend Dan and I had some free time so we went TV cabinet shopping, in the rain! Yeah, I know! No so bright. But again, I say, we finally had some free time. There is an unfinished furniture store about 5 minutes away in the next town so we went there to see what they had. I really wanted a corner armoire but I have a window on the left hand side that is quite close. So we found this cabinet instead AND it was already finished! Good deal, I don't have to finish it AND it fit in the back of my car! Plus Dan is going to build me a corner shelf for above it so I will have some more storage that I gave up losing my armoire! I will all around! And I can finally see what is on TV, what time it is and who the actors are! Whew!
Life is good again!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~*thank a veteran today*~

Ok, so I am almost all caught up on reading all your blogs... it was after all several months since I could sit and just read. First there was the restaurant, then the campaign. But I think I will be done before Christmas. Just kidding. I am pretty much up to date on all that you have been doing... busy busy bees! And life is pretty much back to normal for me. I am back to my volunteering duties, Neighborhood Alliance, Beautification Committee, Economic Development Commission. I have even volunteered for some more things. After all, since my "baby" is at college this year he needs me around less and less. So I might as well make myself useful. And thank goodness the campaign is over, it is coming up to my favorite time of the year and I would hate to miss out on my favorite holiday season! So, things are getting back to normal and I have getting the house back to normal (it was a mess, really!). I even had a short bout with a flu bug, I think from letting myself get worn down too much. So, it's time to concentrate on the approaching holidays, putting the house back in order and getting caught up with all my blog friends...
Thanks to all the veterans for serving! They are why we are free today!
Have a great day!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

~*Hello dear blog friends*~

Ok, so it's been some time since I blogged, and as a little refresher it was because I was running for City Council here in my hometown. I've been out shaking hands, going door to door, speaking to the people, pounding the pavement, and telling the good folks all about my message about how I felt I would be a great addition to the council. As a wife and mother I have skills only another mother can appreciate! Unfortunately, I didn't win. Don't feel too badly for me, some long time polititians in my city lost as well. but I may make another run of it in two years, maybe not. We will see. I have time to think about it. But now I have time to get my home back into order (it was campaign central!), decorate for the holidays, and concentrate on some of my other civic responsibilities. I really believe I would have made an important contribution to my city and I had (still have) some great ideas on how to make this city great! But that is for another day! I thought I would share my campaign photo. It is not too often I have professional photos taken, I really hate having them...but this one didn't come out half bad! If you want to take a look at my campaign blog before I take it down it is:
Well, I am feeling so tired! I need a vacation! I think I have some kind of bug! And I have soooo much housework to do. But I will be back to regular blogging and visiting your blogs again, so that is a good thing! See you all soon!
Have a great day!