Sunday, August 23, 2009

~*campaign season is in full swing*~

Ok, so my campaign for City Council has officially begun. Oh yeah, I am freaking! But I am excited too. If you are interested in contributing to my campaign, contact me and I will let you know what you can do. Otherwise, say a prayer for me! It is a full race this year. 14 candidates. 7 slots. Oh boy! Let the mud slinging begin.
Have a great day!


jean said...

Hi Marie
Just wanted to congrat you on your nomination. I believe that you will do well. You are very passionate about this. It really is good to know that there are people out there that care about their town.You are one of them. Maybe you can also see what the heck is going on at the state capital with our I also live in Conn. I am from the Hartford County. West of the river.
Well, I will be praying for you. Best of luck.

Laurie Anne said...

Hi Marie,
How exciting. I'm sure you will do great. It is clear that you are a very passionate person. Your town would be lucky to have you.
Good Luck and keep us posted :0)

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Praying for you Marie! Wow, lots of competition, but I just know that YOU are the person for the job. Your desire to serve is genuine and you love your town. How many can really say that? I am praying that all eyes and hearts will see and hear your vision for your town.
Good luck!

debra said...

Congrats! You will do a great job! Good luck! Sending prayers your way.