Sunday, March 01, 2009

~*been gone so long*~

I know I have been gone so long...but between meetings and migraines, cleaning and computer woes, I have been busy. And blue. I have the winter blues and it is snowing again today to make it worse. We are in for a duzzy of a storm too. 6-10 inches before the whole thing is over tomorrow. I can't stand it! I am soooo done with the snow. But I guess we are gonna have one last (I don't really know that it is the last, but I can hope, can't I?) one. So, I wanted to to pop in and try and catch up with all my bloggy friends. Sorry I haven't been around, hope you all understand. As the weeks get warmer (there I am hoping again) I may be around less and less as I am outside more and more, but I will try to stop in more often. Gotta try and make a point of stopping in and checking out everyone's blogs. I will get around to seeing all my friends, just give me some time. Until then,
have a great day!!!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Bless your heart! So sorry about the blues. We got snow yesterday and were so tickled to get it. It's the first we have had in 5 years, so we were wanting it badly. Our grandaughter had such a fun time playing in it, and the roads didn't freeze up, so it was a good snow, if there can ever be one.
I am enjoying what is left of winter, but for you, I hope spring comes quickly. Can we have it both ways? :D

Denise said...

I agree with you, I have had the winter blues myself. Here in Indiana the weather changes so quickly and drastically. I am so ready for some warmth!

Have a great day, Denise

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am praying for you to feel better real soon...m..