Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~*come on Spring*~

Ok, so I am sure you all want to know where I have been. Well, I have been busy. With my already busy schedule I took on a class. It is a class given by my city about my city and I have really been enjoying it, but it adds yet another busy day to my already full schedule. I have also been attending some police functions, and there was the St. Patrick's Day parade, a full day event here for me, and I was finally able to get my neighborhood watch group going. That really required me going door to door over and over again, but I think it will be well worth it. So I had some time today, no meetings, classes or events to attend today, and thought I would try and catch up somewhat with you all. I picked these forsythia branches a couple weeks ago and forced them inside. They are in full bloom today. Really makes me want Spring here fast, but we are still having some cooler temps and lots and lots of rain. Today is so sunny out but we are only going to be in the high 50's maybe! I really want some warm weather. I want to open the windows and air the whole house out.... well, that is what I have been up to. I have a few things on the back burners but I can't share them yet.... hopefully I will have some info by June to share. Until then you will have to guess. Still working my K9 challenge. Last week I gave my second deposit of donations of $2,764. That brings my total to over $3,500. It is hard to get people to understand the importance of police services. You know, they only appreciate them when they need them. So I continue to plug along. Ok, I am gonna go get some breakfast...I just realized how hungry I am.
Have a great day!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

~*been gone so long*~

I know I have been gone so long...but between meetings and migraines, cleaning and computer woes, I have been busy. And blue. I have the winter blues and it is snowing again today to make it worse. We are in for a duzzy of a storm too. 6-10 inches before the whole thing is over tomorrow. I can't stand it! I am soooo done with the snow. But I guess we are gonna have one last (I don't really know that it is the last, but I can hope, can't I?) one. So, I wanted to to pop in and try and catch up with all my bloggy friends. Sorry I haven't been around, hope you all understand. As the weeks get warmer (there I am hoping again) I may be around less and less as I am outside more and more, but I will try to stop in more often. Gotta try and make a point of stopping in and checking out everyone's blogs. I will get around to seeing all my friends, just give me some time. Until then,
have a great day!!!