Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~*under control*~

My blood pressure that is. I have had high blood pressure all my life. Even as a child. They use to say I was "high strung" or "nervous" but it was always a bit high. Lately it has been high enough to have the Dr. want me to be on medicine. I was on a med before that caused me to gain all kinds of weight so I was not game for that again. The 1st med he put me on gave me a dry cough all the time. Not fun! So 2 months ago he switched me to a new med. and today when I went to check my pressure it was an amazing 120/70. I cannot even remember when it was that low. Yay! So I think we have found a med. that works to control the blood pressure, doesn't give me nasty side effects, and doesn't cause drastic weight gain. All in all I think we have this under control. Now I have to work on my cholestrol. Yuk! I know! I have to cut out all the good foods I love. But at least I do love fruits and veggies, so that is a plus. I guess I have to make this a lifestyle change, as they say!
Have a great day!


Janene said...

That is great that you found a medication that works for you!
I hate it when the side effects of meds is weight gain...can't they design one with the side effects of weight LOSS?

Leslie said...

I have hypertension, too. I baffle my doctor's because I don't have any of the risk factors other than a family history and then I shouldn't have had a problem until I was older.

I first found out I had a problem when I was 16. The doctor was about to put me on medication and that day on the way to the doctor's, I told my Mom I wanted to move back home with her, that living with my Dad was too hard on me. Apparently stress was the issue because it was magically back to normal!

I was fine until later in my pregnancy with Aften and then it jumped up. I did not have pre-ecclampsia, just high blood pressure. It's the reason why Aften was born 9 weeks early. They had to do that to lower my blood pressure. I have been on medication ever since and Aften will be 6 in April.

My doctor started me on Procardia and I took that up until about 3 months ago. It was working, however, even the generic was costing me $65/ month! I'm now on Lisinopril...which wouldn't happen to be the one you were on would it? Dr. D said that it's only side effects are the dry cough and a rash, both are VERY rare, though. I haven't had a problem. I take less mg's of this medication, it's only $10 for a 3 month supply and my blood pressure is a lower normal than it was on the other stuff :) Neither medication made me gain weight. I can say that the Procardia itself gave me headaches every now and then. If I took it a little later than normal, I would have a headache all day and part of the next.

Sorry, I went off on myself like that but it's not often that I get to talk hypertension with someone who gets it! LOL

Happy to hear that you're feeling better :)


Sandy said...

What great news...

Something that I have never had a problem with but I know so many people do. And it is something that they always have to be cautious of. But I do understand the weight gain thing...my doctor put me on a special med and he said there is excessive weight gain but I did not pay much attention until 40 pounds later. I begged to be taken off and now it seems to be very hard to get it off. It seems like it is a no win situation.

But very glad for you...

Have a great week :)


Denise said...

Glad to hear your BP is under control!

Have a great day, Denise

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

That is great news! I wish you success with this new medicine. My hubby, daughter, Mama (had it) & Daddy all have hig blood pressure. So far, I do not have it. I'm sure there are times that it goes up, but that happens to everybody.

Bobbi Jo said...

I have high blood pressure too. I keep hitting stroke level until I started exercising at least 30 times a day and the meds. So glad you have found something that is helping you. Hope it continues to help you out. Hugs, Bobbi Jo