Thursday, January 22, 2009

~*Where do you blog?*~

Sue over at Country Pleasures invited us all to show "where you blog". Here is my space. It is a corner in my living/family room. I have been spending some time orgainizing this space lately. It feels good to know where things are. This desk is large and holds a lot of stuff but there are not a lot of spaces to organize with so I have had to add a lot of cubbies, jars, and boxes to do it. On the right side door there is cork board, but on the left I am hoping to get some metal board so that I can use magnets. I need to get new racks as first I have plastic and they are not strong enough and second, there are not enough of them. You see them to the left of my printer? They hold some of my craft projects that I have printed. In the cabinet to the right of the desk I have my extra paper, CDs, programs, etc. I actually need to get a larger cabinet. That one is full and I still have documents in boxes that I need to be able to get to. I have my box of photo CDs, my laminator, my camera tripod, and of course a candle for some scent of inspiration. So that is it. Now it is time for you to show us all where you blog!
Have a great day!!!

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This Country Girl said...

Well Marie, right now, I'm at the dining room table beside Joy with her laptop. We have quite a mess here. Since I'm using my laptop just changes...usually whereever everyone else is!

Your spot looks great....very organized! I love it!

How's it going with your camera? Are you taking lots of pictures or learning lots about it? I need to learn more about what mine will do.

Have a great day!