Saturday, January 03, 2009

~*What's up for the new year*~

So tonight we are going to a big party at the beach. It is an annual fund raiser for several organizations and the organizer has promised me a donation for my K9 challenge. He gave a huge donation to the police department last year to purchase their drug sniffing dog, and now we are in need of yet another new dog. Yes, one of our K9 officers is going to be promoted to Detective and so his dog will be retired. Once again I am in search of funds to purchase another dog. But aside from the donations it is a great party, lots of local restaurants bring in food and you get to spend time with people from the city. It is a good time to network! So, I gotta start to get ready and get the curlers in... my hair is so hard to curl I have to have the curlers in for hours or it will fall as soon as I take them out.
Have a great day!

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I hope you have a great weekend....m...