Friday, January 09, 2009

~* time flies*~

Wow time flies! I found this picture while cleaning off my desk the other day. It has to be 10 years ago. My daughter has braces and glasses. Both of which are long gone now. Dan had a lot of hair on his head and none on his face. And this was taken at my SIL's house that is long since sold and she has moved to Arizona. My son towers over both of his parents now and he has plenty of hair on his face now too. My children have grown up so fast. They tell you that when you bring them home from the hospital. People stop by to see the new baby and they say...."ah, enjoy them they grow up so fast" and you think they are crazy!!! But it is true. Now I have one that lives in her own home and one that is in a big rush to be out on his own. Now they say my next reward is grandchildren, but believe me, I am in no rush for them! So remember how fast your children grow up and hug them today, cuz tomorrow they could be far away!
Have a great day!


Janene said...

Awww Marie, that picture is so nice!
It's true...the older you get the quicker time goes by!
Makes me want to cry and wish I could suspend time until I am ready for it to continue.

Laurie Anne said...

I love finding old photos. I was cleaning out my closest and found a CD witha bunch of Sammie baby pics on it. Of course, I had to stop and look at all of them. Time does go by too quickly. Just the other day Sam informed me she wanted a bra, she is 5 :0)