Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~*technology woes*~

Yesterday I spent retrieving important documents and photos off my Compaq laptop before whiping the hard drive. You see I had a virus... a bad one... one that wouldn't let me repair, do a system restore, wouldn't let me update my virus protection, hijacked my was a bad one. So the only way to get it off my laptop was to whipe the whole thing clean. It took hours. And I still had to go to the college bookstore for Matthew's books and to the car service department to pick the Mustang up (it was acting up and wouldn't start- we don't drive it in the winter but start it occassionally to prevent this exact thing from happening, evendentally not enough!). So, now I have to reload all my programs- oh joy! I hate that. Not to mention that I had to move all my photos and such to my desktop and now my laptop is empty....
I was still trying to finish the updates from Microsoft at 9:30 last night. Fun fun fun! So, that was my day. In between, I did run to the bookstore and a quick grocery run, but most of the day was taken up with lovely tech repair. gotta love to hate them.
Have a great day!!!


Janene said...

Marie~It seems as though you had a very busy day yesterday!
I hate the person who invented virus' for computers...It just makes our lives miserable!
Enjoy a relaxing day today!

debra said...

What a way to spend your day. I am sure sorry you had to go through all that. Hope today's a good one for you!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh Marie! What a day you had! I gave up on my old computer and just bought a new one. Several things on the old were were literally burned out, so I was ready for something that worked!
I know its a big chore, but will be worth it in the end.
Hang in there!