Sunday, January 11, 2009

~*shine baby, shine*~

Finally got a new cell phone and this is what I got. A red LG Shine. I love red! And blue. And pink. But that is besides the fact. I got a new cell phone today to replace my old Razr. I love it. It is so shiny and bright and cool. Now if I can only figure out how to use it I will be doing great!!! lol!!! I need to find a way to get my ringtone and picture from my old phone onto my new one. I would ask Matthew as he is my tech support in this house, but unfortunately Matthew got a new cell phone today too, so he is all upstairs in his room playing with his new phone!!! Can you believe it?!?! I guess I can try and look online for cell phone for dummies instructions... I may find what I am looking for and figure it out before Matt gets time to do it for me... or I could just wait until he can do it. I don't know which one would be quicker! But for now I can just look at the pretty phone. It matches my new MP3 player! Which I got right before Christmas with my Sony points. My old one just died and I had enough points to get a new one because they were having a special half off for the holidays. I usually use my points to get Matthew new headphones...he always needs them... but this time I got myself a little something. It is 4 gb so it will hold more songs then I will ever fill it with (ok, so my old one I filled up and said I never would...I may eventually fill this one up too!). And I can store photos on it, too. Since I have an MP3 jack in my car I can carry my music with me in the car easier than cds or tapes.
We didn't get the BIG snowstorm we were supposed to. We just got a light dusting. Big disappointment! I don't know when the next snow is supposed to come but this one was a dud! Oh well.
Have a nice day!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

We have not had snow yet and I too do so love it. LOL..Have a great week...m..

Denise said...

Love your new RED phone. Since you didn't get the snow you are more than welcome to come here! We got at least 12 inches.