Saturday, January 24, 2009

~*my dawgs are barkin;*~

My feet are killing me! I spent the day helping a friend out at his restaurant and now my feet are hurting so bad. Really really bad. I love to help him, but they have hard tile floors and after several hours on those hard tile floors on my feet, my feet and legs are so sore. I think there has to be a better way to help then standing on my feet all day, but there really isn't and it is so cold there that I have to wear either extra socks with shoes I can fit them in or winter boots and neither one of those have great soles. When I was a young unmarried and right out of high school I used to waitress. I was good at it, I made a lot of money at it. A lot! I worked in Mystic. Tourist trap Mystic, Connecticut. First at a breakfast place, then I did a dinner place, then a bar. Then I bar tended at the bar. And I wore sensible waitress shoes. Now I don't have those kinds of sensible shoes. And my feet are paying for it. But since I am not really working at this restaurant, Dan and I are really just helping out a friend who is getting his business off the ground, I can't complain. But my feet are. Tomorrow I think I will soak in the tub and let my feet have a good rest! Tonight I have them propped up on the ottoman and I am gonna read some blogs!!!
Have a great day!


Our really empty nest said...

There is nothing worse than aching feet, well almost! Your post reminded me that in 6 days I begin a 10 day stint at a Home and Garden Show to work a friends wallbed booth, 10 days, 100 hours! YIKES! Was I crazy to say yes?? No, The money will come in too handy, lol. But many my dogs will be abarkin'. Hope a nice bath will rejuvinate yours! Good Luck, Sue

Back in the Day said...

I help out at a restaurant here in town from time to time and I feel your pain! My feet and legs will hurt so bad that I can't stand it! My mother is a full time waitress and I have no idea how she does it!

Janene said...

When I used to waitress and my feet and legs were feeling so tired and sore, I soaked them in a bucket filled with warm water and Epsom salt! Always worked for me!
Take a day to rest and relax!

Our really empty nest said...

MArie, Thanks for stopping by! Isnt it the truth, you do everything for them, and I do mean everything, and then they move out and even a 30 second text is asking way to much of them! These kids, so independent! Sometimes I want to take that apron string and wring her little neck with it, lol, just kidding but come one a call once in the while is all I ask! Hope you will come back and visit often! Sue

Denise said...

I used to work in food service. I found alot of comfort in Crocs(the generic ones from Payless) and my daughter is a nurse and she wears them everyday.

Trish said...

So sorry to hear about your sore feet! I'm thinkin' a good long soak is in order here! Maybe with some epsom salts and lavendar...Hope those little tootsies are feeling better soon! Sure is nice of you to help out your friend there!