Friday, January 23, 2009

~*looking for some help*~

Ok, first let me say I know this is a fuzzy picture, but it was of my whole kitchen and I cropped it down to the top of my fridge to show my calendar. And here in lies my problem. See my calendar? Well, last year I downloaded it, printed it, laminated it and put it on my fridge and use wipe off markers to put my months' appointments on it. I need to make another one for my desk. Portrait not landscape. But I cannot find any prim style blank calendars to download. I had some on my laptop, and as you know, I had to scrap that the other day, and although I tried to save as much as I could off of it, it was the most important photos and documents (otherwise I would still be saving!) and so even though I think I downloaded a few, they are gone. And I can't seem to find any sites with any blank prim calendars. Now I know that there are some of you out there that are frugal enough to print and make your own calendars. Someone knows where I can get a prim style blank monthly style calendar!!! So if someone can point me in the direction of a website that I can download a calendar I would be greatly appreciative!!! Thanks.
Have a great day!

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Leslie said...

I remembered these from years ago but they're monthly, you can't erase and do what you want to do. They're cute, though :)

I know you want to print your own....but this is what I have! I asked if anyone made these and this lady actually made me the first one! I have the crows and stars one. I bought it at least 2 years ago now and use it constantly! It's held up better than the dry erase calendar that I bought that's a name brand one.

Good luck!