Monday, January 12, 2009

~*but baby it's cold outside*~

Brrrr!!!! We are in the teens this week. Cold!!! Bitterly cold! I know this is New England and I expect cold weather, snow, sleet, hail, pouring rain, hurricane force winds, drought conditions, heat waves, but this freezing bitter cold temperatures has got to go! It is just too cold. You walk outside and your face freezes! Your eyelashes freeze! Your breath freezes right in front of your face and than slaps you in it to add insult to injury! THAT is just TOO cold! I do love how it looks, tho! Ha! The ice is just beautiful and makes for awesome photo shoots. If I would ever venture out of the house to take any photos, as evidenced by these that I snapped by opening the windows and holding my camera out and snapping then slamming the window shut quick!

Yeah, I know I am a wimp, but like I already told you, it is cold out there.... like 17 degrees! SEVENTEEN! That is cold. Is there a word colder than cold? That is what it is out there. And oh yeah, I gotta go out later, after the sun (the hottest thing known to man!!!) goes down and it gets even colder, if that is even possible!!! They are predicting that it will get worse this week. WORSE!?!?! COLDER!!! Are you freaking kidding!?! On the bright side there is only 67 more days until the monsoon rains of Spring start! Now THAT is something to look forward to!!! Ok, I have to go get some housework done! Maybe that will make me forget that it is Southpole like out there!!!
Have a great day!!!


Jenn said...

UGH - I hear ya! Cold here also! We're headed into arctic air the next few days, highs in the 0's to negatives....NOT looking forward to that! I AM however, looking forward to SPRING:)


Denise said...

I know exactly how you are feeling. It is soooo cold and windy here today. I took my grandson to the bus at 7:40 and it was really windy. We are supposed to have a high of 3* on thrusday. BRRRRR!!