Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~*Where have I been?*~

I know, I know I have been MIA. It all started the Saturday before Thanksgiving.... we were doing the Food Drive with the Police Department and it was bitterly cold out. I knew it was not good! The next day I felt crummy. The next day after that I was full out sick. The next 2 weeks I was in bed. Thank goodness my kids are older. I had already prepped pretty much all of my Thanksgiving meal, so all I had to do was put the turkey in the oven in the morning and I called my daughter over to make the rest of the food. We had a quiet dinner just the 4 of us. Then I went back to bed. That is where I stayed for many more days. It was all in my chest and it was awful! I would get exhausted walking downstairs then nap on the couch for hours just to get the strength to go back upstairs to bed. It was just the pits. And I had already committed to make 2 appearances for my K9 challenge that I went to burning up with fever. You know I will do anything for the dogs! But now I am so far behind... it sucks! I still have to Christmas shop and I am just now getting the decorating done, although I am not doing as full out as I usually do.
This is my Santa tree, it is in the TV room. It is kinda cute and has all my Santa decorations on it. Next year I will have to use a bigger tree as there are really too many ornies on this one.
This is my kitchen tree. I love all the ornies on this one and the lights and stuff. It has those lanterns and mason jars that go over the lights. LOVE IT!!! Plus it has my rag garland.
This is our main tree in the living room. It has all our family ornies, and all my son's ornies that he has been given and made since he was born. It also has the real lights and bubblers. It is where all our gifts go. I actually went to the tree farm sick because I was afraid we would not get a tree if we didn't go them because Dan was supposed to go out of town for work the following week but the trip was cancelled....oh, if only I knew I could have waited!!!
And finally this tree is in my dining room and it has all my snowmen ornies on it. This tree started because I love snowmen so much I thought I had enough ornies for a tree of snowmen...but when I bought this tree and decorated it, I actually didn't really have all that much, but Dan has filled it up. He doesn't give me the ornies, tho. He just puts them on the tree without telling me and I will go plug it in or walk in the dining room and sometimes I notice a new one and sometimes he makes these clue like statements that make me think he must have put one on it. Now there are ornies all over this tree including the back, but it is my most favorite tree in the house.
These pictures aren't the best, which is sad for me, but I wanted to get some pics up and post because I didn't want anyone thinking I was dead!

Oh, my son turned 18 on the 10th. We let him have a bunch of friends come to the pizza place down the street (thank goodness for teenagers!!!) and then tonight I had the family over for cake and ice cream. He took his final exam for his first semester of college today. It was a trying experience for all of us. Tomorrow he is having all four of his wisdom teeth removed. God help me!!!

My daughter broke up with her boyfriend and he moved out, so she has been in a state of semi depression. She has been stressing over affording the rent on her own, trying to get a 2nd job, etc that comes with a break-up. We were not big fans of her boyfriend but had accepted that they were together, now I think she can get on with her life and make smarter decisions, but she is not ready to hear that yet. I want her to know that a broken heart will mend but giving up who she is for someone who doesn't do the same and who doesn't respect her is not love. It is too soon. She is healing. I am seeing more of her now than I have the last 3 years. That is a good thing!

Ok, so as you can see, there has been a lot happening here, some good, a lot not so good. I need more time before Christmas, can someone arrange that for me? I haven't baked one cookie, I guess we won't have any this year, we will survive. I am still hosting Christmas morning breakfast here. I don't know what I am thinking. Dan is working a double the night/morning before. Yeah, we have lost our minds. I am sure I missed a lot on all my favorite blogs, sorry, I am sure it will take me a long time to catch least till after the New Year. Speaking of which, I am not making any resolutions! I never keep them anyways!

I gotta go get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be an emotionally trying day.

Have a great day!


Sandy said...

Oh my sure have had quite the past weeks. So sorry to hear that you were so very sick. From what I have seen with my girls, it's a nasty one. Both of my girls were literally sick for a full week. Like you said, sick in bed with very high fevers. They would not eat any food at all and would cry because they said their heads were killing them. They had ear infections and throat infections with it. My husband and I seem to be very lucky that we never caught it.

I love all your Christmas Trees...they look so wonderful!
I know there is only one week before Christmas but you will see, everything will be all OK...

Merry Christmas to you and your family :)


Linda said...

I need more time too. I lost time from dental surgery and then the ice storm stole the last week from us. And I don't see any hope for the next few days either.

I Hope you manage to get it all done!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I had been wondering where you were. I am sorry you were so sick. I am so glad you are on the road to getting better. Have a Merry CHRITmas...m..

Kimberly said...

Welcome back Marie! Glad to hear you're over that nasty bug! I fought it too and sorry, but I must have kicked it all the way to you! I've been away too for a little while... come visit my blog to see where we were. All your trees look wonderful!
Blessings, Kimberly

Jenn said...

How are you feeling now? Sounds like Bronchitis or walking pneumonia to me! You poor thing.
Happy Birthday to your son!

Take it easy, rest is whats most important now - dont push yourself!

Feel better................

Janene said...

Marie~I am so glad that you are back!
The sickness is going around all over blogland! And it is the kind that knocks people out for a long time! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!
You do have alot of catching up to do...If I miss one day, it takes forever to catch up!
It's sometimes better just to start anew!
Welcome Back!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

WOW! Bless your heart! You have been put through the ringer lately!
By now, I hope thigns are settling down and faling into place for you.
Just take care and do not have a relapse!
Sending healing prayers your way!
And have a very merry Christmas!