Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~*I don't wanna do it anymore!!!*~

Ok, so Matthew's wisdom teeth are gone. It was hell. The waiting is the worst. I am sure he doesn't think so, but as a mom, that waiting was pure hell. And since I knew what he was going through and I knew what he was in for when he was finished... it was just the worst thing a parent can go through. He came out of the room and he was white and shaking... it took longer than expected and I had to pick up yet another prescription afterwards for him, they added an antibiotic because of the time it took. So even though I had run down to the pharmacy while he was in there, I had to stop for still another script. Luckily I had them call it in to my local pharmacy and by the time I got there it was almost finished being filled. I brought him home and tried to put him to bed but he was fighting it all the way. I finally got some cream of wheat into him so I could give him his pills and finally got him into bed. Even though he told me he was NOT going to sleep, he wasn't the least bit tired, he slept for most of the afternoon. Many many milkshakes later, he went to bed with another pill and ice packs. I had to wake him this morning at 6 to give him another pill, and he is still sleeping now at 9am. Thank goodness. I have to run out to a Dr's appointment myself this morning, and pick up some more ice cream for milkshakes. He is so swollen and I know he feels bad!!! Sorry no pictures from yesterday, I thought about it, then thought better of it.
This picture is of him opening his GPS he got for Christmas. He was a little surprised. He kept asking to use mine and I kept saying he couldn't... he wasn't happy about that, but now he has his own. Well, I must get showered and ready to leave.... it is going to be another long stressful day I am sure!
Have a great day!


JeanM said...

I understand the hurting for your kid. My youngest is getting ready to have his out soon.They may be called WISDOM teeth but they are not the smartest teeth to have LOL.

Janene said...

I'm really behind on my blog reading, that why you are getting this so late after posting!
I hope Matthew is feeling better now!
I want to wish you and your family a Safe and Happy New Year!
See ya in 2009!!!

Wendy said...

I hope Matt is feeling better now and you all are having a great New Years Eve!! God Bless!~Wendy

This Country Girl said...

I'm so sorry your son had to go through this! I sure hope he's better soon! It's hard for a mom when our kids are hurting!

I do wish you and your family the best in 2009!


Denise said...

So sorry for the pain you BOTH went through.

I had alot of problems when I had my wisdom teeth out, I know how he feels!