Saturday, December 20, 2008

~*the big snowstorm*~

So, we had a big snow storm here! Yay! I love the snow. I love being snowed in. I love the way the snow makes everything look and feel like it is new and fresh. I don't, however like the old dirty snow, or ice, so it either has to keep snowing and make it all fresh and white, or melt away and snow again. We have quite a few inches here. We are all snuggled up inside our warm home. It is supposed to snow again tomorrow. I only hope it snows on Christmas! That is the best!!!
I spent to day working down the street at our friend's restaurant... he needs some help while his partner is out of town. It is right at the end of our road so we walked there. I am soooo tired now.
Well, time for a good power nap!
Have a great day!


Wendy said...

we too had a lot of snow yesterday and we are expecting more tomorrow!! Have a great snowy Sunday!!:0) Wendy

Jenn said...


I think you and I are the only ones who LOVE and cant wait for snow! Ha!!

We got bout a foot Fri and they are calling for another foot today, so Im happy!

Stay warm and cozy:)

JeanM said...

10" Friday and 6" more to come today. The hilltowns or Western MAss. I might have to bundle up my son and let him throw snowballs at me. Brrrrr. The hot chocolate with fluff mmmm.