Monday, November 17, 2008


Only 38 days till Christmas??? How did that happen??? I know, I have been so busy I didn't realize what day it was. I have made my menu and shopping list for Thanksgiving and this week is the big rush of clean-up. Even though it is only my immediate family, I want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately we only use our dining room for special occasions (we should change that!!!) and I have to get in there and dust the chairs, the hutch and vacuum, wash and iron the tablecloth and napkins, and decide on a centerpiece still. But then I get to decorate for my most favorite holiday of the whole year! CHRISTMAS! I love it! I see that Sirius already has a holiday station going so I will be able to play Christmas Caroles while working around the house and decorating, baking, etc. I have a few things to do outside the house this week and then I think I have a slow down (at least for outside activities!) so I can concentrate on the holidays. I love going after Thanksgiving and picking out our Christmas tree. I love snow. I love trimming trees all over the house. I love the window candles glowing at night. I love it all!!!! So, only 38 days!!!! Please Christmas slow down, I want to enjoy it and you come and go oh too quickly!!! For now I am concentrating on next Thursday, and then I switch gears.
I am going to lunch with the workshop ladies today. I should find out how the bazaar went. I had Nikon class that weekend so I couldn't be there with them, I was able to go down earlier in the week and help them set up, but I am curious how all our crafts sold. Gotta go get ready.
Have a great day!!!


Kimberly said...

Very sweet! Loove the ho ho ho! But then again, I am a Santa gal!

Happy Monday! Kimberly

Sandy said...

I love the little pillows!
Did you make them yourself?
I know what you mean...38 days till Christmas...where did the days go???
I must get my decorating all finished.

marie said...

Love the little pillows and your blog header is beautiful! Is it a photo from your home?

Thanks for visiting my blog this morning!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Sounds like we are on the same page. I have already started my cleaning. And I think I have the harset of it behind me.
Love your little pillow ornies! So cute!
Have a great day!

Atkins Family said...

I recently started following your blog. The ornies are cute. Another RedSox fan out in Az. My husband is originally from Springfield, Mass, so it's in the blood. He still has family there so I've made the trip to Fenway, what a great ballpark. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Leslie said...

Love the little pillow ornaments! I need to come up with a few new things to add to my tree. I keep adding new homemade stuff and phasing out more of the store bought each year :)

I cannot believe Christmas is so close. I'm starting to panic a little. I don't worry about the holidays until they're close and then I end up in a mad rush. It's this way every year. I swear I won't do it again and yet I do. I seem to work better under pressure, though! LOL

Have a great day and good luck preparing for Thanksgiving :)


This Country Girl said...

I love your little pillows, Marie!

Like you, I love Christmas and I don't want it to hurry by!

I read that you did a Nikon's something I want to do...are they really informative? I have a 40X and need to learn what all it will do...I'm not using it to it's potential!