Monday, November 03, 2008

~*the big party was a big success*~

Back from Nikon was great. I learned so much... I forgot so much of what I already learned.. there was so much information there. I will definitely take another digital photography class, but this time more of a workshop and less of a conference style. But it was good.
The 140th Anniversary party of my local police department was a big success!!! It was Thursday night. (I know, I am so busy I can hardly stop for a second!) I was the official photographer for the union for the night. It was a really great night and Dan and I had so much fun. Of course, we always have a great time when we party with the cops.
Here are the Firefighters Pipe and Drums, again.
And of course Chip and his wife Dawn.
My friend and one of the K9 officers Matt and his wife Jen.
Dan and I, I am not responsible for the fact that the person taking the picture cut the top of Dan's head off. It was late in the evening and there was an open bar!
And the lady cops in my city. Besides being lovely, they are awesome cops!
There was an after party, but by that time I had just had too many glasses of wine to take any more pictures. All in all, it was a big success.
Now, I have the big push for election day tomorrow. Then I think I finally have some down time until Thanksgiving.... I think! My mind right now is still trying to process all the info I learned at class this weekend. I don't have pictures from class, it just went too quick, and it was long days, it was an hour drive to get there and home, so I was just trying to make it to class and get all the information I could. But after class I hope to be taking even better pictures than before.
Now back to my regularly scheduled life, cleaning, laundry, vacuuming.
Have a great day!


Janene said...

Marie~ You are so funny! Don't you just hate to get back to your regularly schedule life?
Looks like the party was a huge success! Who was protecting the city while the cops were out playing?
Have a great Monday!

Laurie Anne said...

Looks like you guys had a great time (I'm sure the open bar helped, hehe) It is great you are so active in you community. I hope you can enjoy your up coming down time :0)

Linda said...

You were missed! And you are forgiven for putting the camera away! LOL