Thursday, November 20, 2008

~*about Nikon school*~

Some of you have asked about Nikon school. I'd love to share my experience with you. First let me say this, I have been anticipating going to this class since I got my Nikon over a year ago. My brother and I have been discussing going together. He finally got his camera this year and as soon as the schedule for Connecticut came out I signed us up (the class was full last year).
Then we waited and waited for class. We were sent an email link with a PDF workbook that we printed off and discussed. We searched photo sights and discussed different techniques, styles and photographers. In the meantime I have been taking lots and lots of pictures, as you all know.

This is my current camera, the D40. I love it. I still don't know all that it does, but I love it. It is lightweight and takes great photos, and since I have been taking photos I have been able to do all the things with this camera that I was not able to do with my Sony Cybershot point and click.
Below is my dream "next" camera. If I continue to be asked to take pictures and better yet, if I start to get paid to take photos I may need to have more than one camera and this is the one I would want.
Now, about the class. If anyone is interested or planning on taking this class (and we took both classes offered, the intro to digital slr photography, and next steps in digital slr photography color, light and technology) know this- they are seminar classes, fast paced, long days, you don't get a copy of the power point presentation they use to teach with. There is a lot of information presented. It is difficult to take any notes as it goes very fast and the room is dark. They do give you the workbook that you print out beforehand and they give you some small books at the class, but they don't even come close to all the information you will hear. There is a short q&a after lunch but there are a lot of people at these classes and having your questions answered may not happen. You don't have time to put into practice what you are seeing if you bring your camera with you, so don't bother to bring it. There are no products sold or offered there. You may get a coupon for a rebate on the product of the sponsor for the class. Ours was SanDisk and we got a rebate on memory cards. They did give away some CD's, but we already had them, and a few books and 2 Nikon Capture NX2 programs. Overall, I would give the school a C. I would say save your money and take a digital photography workshop somewhere where you can bring your camera and do more hands on type lessons, there are even some of these offered online. My brother and I are going to take more classes but it will definitely be a workshop type class. We are also going to spend at least a day a week taking photos together and trying to put into practice what we were taught.
I was disappointed in the Nikon school, but only because I was so excited to take it I thought that afterwards I would be a better photographer. Did I learn anything from the class? YES!!! But I wanted to learn more. A lot more. I was expecting more than what the class offered and that is why I was let down in the end. My expectations of the school were too high. If you plan to take it know what you are taking. Remember that it is a seminar type class. Lunch is provided and it was delicious on both days! We did gain some information and the instructors (both professional photographers) did give us great info that we came away with, things that we will use from now on. So it was not a complete loss. Like I said- too high of expectations and that is why I was disappointed. I would not take the class again unless they offered it to previous graduates for free, especially since I had to fill out my own diploma! Hope that answers any questions anyone had!
Have a great day!


This Country Girl said...

Thanks, Marie, for the information. I am very much a show-me type person especially when it comes to technology! I'll have to see what other options are available to us around here. A friend of mine has a camera like mine and we've talked about doing a class together. I appreciate the honest evaluation and advice on the class! Don't you just love that camera, though?


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Marie, that is great info to have! I'm sorry that it wasn't as good as you hoped.
It's great to hear how you & your brother are sharing this same interest and getting together to learn new things together.
Have a great weekend!