Tuesday, October 07, 2008

~* pumpkins*~

First, thank you all for your get well wishes regarding that nasty migraine. It was a tough one, but I had too much to do to let it get the best of me.
Friday night I appeared on a local TV show regarding my K9 challenge. It was good and any opportunity to get the word out...
My dumb washing machine broke last week and DH and I have been working on either getting it fixed or replacing it. It is a front loader and I love it. It gets the clothes so much cleaner, uses so much less water and my clothes tumble instead of aggitate so it is easier on the clothes, plus they come out of the washer nearly dry which makes the drying time (on the line or in the dryer) so much less. However, the thing died!!! I went and found a new belt which my husband then replaced only to find out that the bearings went as well, so now we are trying to get the manufacturer to stand behind it and fix it or replace it... it is not that old. Unfortunately, I have been stressing over not being able to do laundry which is an every day occurrence in my home... so Saturday I hand washed a few loads of wash! Oh yeah! Give those pioneer women a medal! That sucked! But there is no way I can keep up with the dirty laundry with hand washing, and there are just some items I cannot hand wash. A shirt here and there or some socks are one thing... jeans- just not happening.
The picture above are some pumpkins I made yesterday. They are too cute, aren't they? I think they will do fast at the church bazaar.
Ok, now I have some housework screaming my name and I want to visit all my favorite blogs that I have not had a chance to visit.
Have a great day!


Char said...

glad you are feeling much better....love the pumpkins!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Bless your heart! Been there, done that! last year, my daughter's washer broke, and a week later, mine did! UGH! We both had to buy new ones. And I have done my share of hand-washing too. As a new bride, we didn't even have a washer, so I hand-washed whatever I could. Once we had our daughter, that had to change! LOL!
I hope the manufacturer will do the right thing and fix it for you.
Cute pumpkins too!
Have a great day!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

What is this with newer appliances breaking??? They just aren't made like they use to be. Oh I can only imagine hand washing clothes. I do not have enough time to do that.

Love the pumpkins and Jo-Annes cozies too!


Wendy said...

Oh I have done laundry by hand to and it is back breaking work! Glad you are feeling better. Those pumpkins are adorable! Have a great day!~Wendy