Monday, August 11, 2008

~*well here it is- my K9 piece*~

Here is my op-ed piece, minus 300 or so words. Talk about editorial privilage! It is really missing a lot of the emotion and that really changed some of the context of the piece, but I have already received a call from someone who runs a local community access show who wants me to come on his show for my cause, so I guess I will get more publicity....and that is a good thing, since in the end, the cause is what the piece is all about!!!
I really want to see this challenge raise enough money for not only a new dog, but I would love to raise enough for all the supplies as well as the training.
Keep your fingers crossed.


Mary Isabella said...

My what a good thing to do!! I mailed your package today. Let me know when you get it.....Mary

Linda said...

I hope you do get lots of publicity through the community piece. What agreat cause!

LINDA said...

I surely hope your piece raises the necessary attention and funding that it needs. K-9's are a big part of the police force even here in small town Iowa. Best wishes, Linda

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I'm glad your piece was finally published. Too bad some people feel the need to edit! It is like someone adding their mark to a piece of art. Not right!
I hope you apprearing on the show will help to raise even more money ofr your efforts!

Laurie Anne said...

What a great cause. I had a student whoes father was part of the K-9 unit and that dogs was such a big part of their family :0)