Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~* Whatcha workin on Wednesday! *~

I picked this mirror up from the thrift store a few months ago...

I really liked the shape but not the stain color.

So in keeping with my new black theme I painted it black and now I love it even more.

I also picked this little cutie up at the same time....of course it needs an updating from the dated "country geese" theme. I had those....and I loved them when I did...but now my style is more on the prim side and those geese will just not make the cut!!!

Also, I've been tagged by Wendy at The Cozy Yellow House to do an A-Z here goes

A. Attached or single? Happily married!

B. Best friend? My husband, he knows me best.

C. Cake or pie? Definitely pie

D. Day of choice? Friday!

E. Essential item? Cell phone

F. Favorite color? BlueG. Gummy bears or worms? Neither, I cannot stand the texture of gummies.

H. Home town? Pittsfield, Mass

I. Favorite indulgence? Lobster bisque.

J. January or July? July.

K. Kids? 2, 3 if you include the furbaby

L. Life isn’t complete without? Family

M. Marriage date? September 14, 1990

N. Number of brothers and sisters? 3 brothers.

O. Oranges or Apples? Apples

P. Phobias? Flying, I do not do it.

Q. Quotes?

R. Reasons to smile? Family and friends.

S. Season of choice? Fall!

T. Tag 5 people: Sandy, Tracy, Laurie Anne, Sue, Carolyn

U. Unknown fact about me? ???

V. Vegetable? Corn

W. Worst habit? Worrying and stressing out.

X. Xray or ultrasound? Ultrasound

Y. Your favorite food? Pasta

Z. Zodiac sign? Taurus
There you go, have a great day....


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Maire, I love your mirror and I kow the other piece will look great after you give it a makeover. What will you use it for?

Oh, and you have tagged me! Thanks! LOL! I'll get right on that! :)

Leslie said...

Great makeover and I'm sure the duck thing will look just as good when you're done redoing it :) There are lots of goodies at the TS that just need a little paint and they work perfectly for Prim decor!

Have a great day!

Wendy said...

Hi Marie great mirror!! Amazing what a little paint can do!!:0)
Thanks for sharing more about yourself!!! Have a great day!~Wendy

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love it, and that second piece would look great in black too! I had country geese many moons ago too, cute at the time but......Don't you just love to alter stuff, I do too!

This Country Girl said...

I love the mirror redo! It looks great black! Don't you just love paint? I can't wait to see the other piece painted!



Like the mirror painted is so much fun to find things and redo. I tend to forget to take a before that I'm blogging I will try to remember to do that.

Debbi said...

Love how the mirror turned out, can't wait to see what you do with the other piece.