Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~* Whatcha workin on Wednesday! *~

I wish I could post a picture of some nice cute craft or a pretty home improvement/decorating project...but my day today is gonna be filled with laundry and a meeting....

sounds fun, huh? You are probably thinking you wish you had this "to-do" list for today, aren't you? Well, when my 17 yo takes a few showers a day and uses a clean towel every time and then leaves those towels in the hamper in his room, and I have to do 4 loads of towels just to get them all may have this list too. But, I have housework on my list today and so unfortunately this is what I am workin' on today. Sorry Leslie, I wish it could be more interesting around here!!!


Leslie said...

It's okay! That's life :) We all have weeks like that.

Have anything you're thinking about getting into? That counts, too!

Have a great day...I know, I know...LAUNDRY but do it with a smile or something! LOL


Black Sheep Lisa said...

No worries Marie, I have it piled up too! Need to put some projects aside to get to it!LOL

Kindra said...

Well that's on my list today, among other things! Happy washing!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found your site off Leslie's-enjoyed your post today :O) My boys aren't that old yet but I never seem to be on top of keeping the towels done!
I am going to add you to my fav's on my blog so I can check back often,
Shayne Louree

Pieceful Afternoon said...

I'm washing towels today too - but just for two of us - and yet we have three dryer loads full.

When our son (who is now 40) was 12, we lived in the desert and he began taking showers twice or three times a day. I didn't mind the showers because it was a sticky and hot world for a young boy - but wow - those towels.

So one day I took him out to the laundry room - in the desert in the older homes it is often in a separate builidng - and said - let's play - "Here is how we wash our own towels and clothes" - because of course with each shower was a fresh change of clothes. He, being a rather bright boy, caught on very quickly on how to push the right buttons, how to add the right amount of soap - and how to close the lid of the washer after adding his towels. It sure made a big difference in the amount of time I spent in the laundry room (and we had two other kids also), and to this day, he is still the laundry-man in his house - his wife loves that aspect!!!

I'll think of you as I fold the fluffy piles of towels - I love the organization of a good linen closet!!

This Country Girl said...

Well thank the Lord for a working dryer! Our dryer isn't working right now and we're carrying loads back and forth to my mom and dad's house next door while we're trying to get it fixed.
~ Tammy ~

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hi Marie!
I need to have housework on my list today! But I just can't seem to get motivated!
Have a happy day anyway! :)

Liz said...

I just gave you an award......visit my blog to accept and follow the directions! Love your blog!

Mary Isabella said...

I have been looking at the ball canning jar on your sidebar I really like it....Mary