Friday, July 25, 2008


I am really busy trying to get caught up on housework and laundry today. With the pool finally filled I need to get some clorine in it and get the pump running and with it raining (pouring) the last couple of days I have not really gotten around to doing much housework. Plus I have been busy with meetings and I have to go take some pictures this weekend... so I need to get my housework done today. I found this cute cartoon and thought how fitting it was. I look at each event that goes on now by how I can blog it... and usually make sure I always have a camera with me so I can have pictures to put on my blog. It's funny how times have changed. I wish the rest of my family had blogs then we could all keep track of what is going on with each other by reading each other's blogs...
Have a great day!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hi Marie! I should be doing housework, but I'm not! LOL! I cleaned Wednesday, so it can wait another day before I do it again.
I hope your day goes smoothly and you accomplish all that yu need to. Have a wonderful weekend!

Leslie said...

I had to chuckle because I find myself out with a camera thinking about my next blog post! LOL It's kind of weird but in a good way, because I see things differently and have come to appreicate a lot more like our beautiful surroundings :)

I seem to be behind on so much. I feel like I'm not getting enough accomplished in a day! Sigh...but here I sit on the computer, checking out blogs! LOL

Have a great weekend!

LINDA said...

And here I sit at 2 AM trying to catch up!!! I know what you mean. It used to be that I approached everything as a potential scrapbook page.I have carried my camera for years. Now I look at every event, every activity, every meal as a possible post!!!!
I let things go to heck because I am on the computer-well, not really but I do love the community I have discovered....

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Hey Marie, thats cute!
Wanted to let you know i got my heart ornie, I love it! I am posting a pic on my blog.
Thank YOu! HUGS.