Saturday, June 14, 2008

~* what's bloomin' *~

More heat and humidity are on the way for today, with some possible storms. Great. I have corn and pumpkin plants that need to go in the garden. So I thought I would show you what is blooming in my gardens today.
Rose campion
My first rose from my climbing rose bushes!!!
Black hollyhock
Happy Returns Daylilly
Pink evening primrose
Yellow evening primrose
Red blanket flower.

So, Dan had to take a quick business trip this weekend and he will be home tomorrow just in time for Father's Day. I don't know what our plans will be, I guess it will depend on the weather, and here in New England it can change in an instant, but we may just cook out and relax.
Big news on the pool front. The repairs are supposed to happen next week! I will keep you all posted! I can hardly wait to get water in it and use it in this heat!!!
Have a great weekend!

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