Monday, June 30, 2008

~* soapbox warning *~

I finally received the overtime check I was owed from the job from hell for hours that I worked last year!!! I had to go through my state's department of labor and of course my former employer lied like a rug about hours that he knew I worked and when I was in the office, etc. It was not about the money for me, my husband provides me a very good life, and as a matter of fact I am donating this money to our local police department to help them purchase another K9 officer, it was totally the principle, which of course I was proven to be in the RIGHT!!! I absolutely HATE liars and these were some of the worst! They lied about times when they knew I was there before my regular start time because they called me at my extension and said "I knew you would be there!" then told the labor investigator I was never in the office before 9am. They lied about a meeting that went late into the night and I stayed to clean up and even did the dishes so that they (husband and wife owners) didn't have to bring dirty dishes home, but I still had to be back at the office early the next morning and said the meeting was only 2 hours long! The nerve. But in the end I prevailed and I won. David beat Goliath! The police will appreciate the donation towards their goal and I will know that all my hard work in proving I was in the right is going to a good just cause!!! Ok, off the soapbox now! Enjoy the rest of your day. I will be back with an awesome recipe!

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