Wednesday, June 04, 2008

~*rain, rain go away*~

Or at least just rain overnight and stop by morning so I am not stuck in the house all day! I like when it rains at night in the summer, than the gardens get watered, the pool gets refilled, the grass gets really green. But when it is still raining when I get up and throughout the day, that just makes me sad... I have places I had to go today, outside places, things to do outside that I can't now! So it is inside stuff today! But at least the gardens and the lawn are gonna be happy. The pool guys aren't tho, they are coming today to drain the pool to repair it. Bummer!


Laurie Anne said...

It is a good thing you don't live in WA, hehe :0) I'm totally with you on the "rain at night" thing. It makes life so much easier.

Wendy said...

Same here if it would rain at night and be clear sunny skies during the day all would be good!!! I love your gazeboo its gorgeous!!! Hope the rain clears soon over there!!:0)~Wendy