Friday, June 27, 2008

~* last day *~

This is the last day of recording for my son's band in our basement! Whew!
As much as I love him and I think having a hobby (job?) of music is so much better then doing nothing and running the streets, it has been very..... LOUD at our house!!!
A day this week I took these pictures of the band for their website (MySpace?) and that day was not as loud for as long. They have some upcoming shows they want to play at and they need to have some music recorded on their site, I guess, and since Matthew owns the recording equipment....guess where they had to record? Yup, here!
I guess the style of their music is called "Christian Hardcore" and so it is especially LOUD! Did I say it was LOUD? Oh, by the way, it is LOUD!!! Ok, enough complaining, they are here, I know where he is, what he is doing, and they are being productive!!! AND LOUD! Next week should be a little more quiet and practice can be at someone else's house! Thank goodness.

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Laurie Anne said...

Very exciting that your son's group has gigs coming up (they must be pretty good)
Even though it is loud, at least you know where he is :0)