Thursday, May 01, 2008

~*happy May day*~

I neglected my gardens so badly while I was at the job from hell. I also neglected to take a picture before I started weeding today. But I spent several hours in this garden today. The weeds were very bad and the flowers had spread all over each other.
I think I have gotten them pretty much in control now. I need bags more mulch. I use black. It looks great against the house. Very dramatic!
May is one of my favorite months. Mother's day and my birthday, plus it is really the month I start gardening and getting the yard into shape! And it is when it really starts to get warm around here.
Hope you all have a happy May day!!!

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Janice said...

Your flowers look beautiful. I stop in everyday to visit but don't always post. I just love your stone house. I am still working for 4 more months and then I have so many projects to tackle I know I will be busy for awhile. I had to laught at your post I'm Gonna Be A Cop. When I lived in Pa I was on the Borough Council for 7 years and on the Police Commission for 2 so I also had a chance to ride in the police car! Lord willing I would love to meet you one day.
Take care my kind friend.