Wednesday, April 30, 2008

~*spring cleaning*~

I spent the day yesterday spring cleaning the master bedroom. It was dusty! It took so long to vacuum all the dust from around the room. It was really bad. I had to wait for Dan to get home to clean off his dresser because he is a pack rat and saves every little scrap of paper and I wouldn't know what was garbage and what he needed to save. So he cleaned off his dresser and an added bonus he cleaned out his closet and then I could finish dusting this morning. Now the master bedrom is done. I am thinking of re-doing the wallpaper because I am really not happy with the way it came out, but that will have to wait since we have other projects going on now.
I made this cabinet from an old window I found in the previous house we lived in. It holds my quilts and linens.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

I love blue and I'm really liking the color of blue on your walls with the wood work!

The cabinet is really neat! Love it!

Don't you feel so good now that you got that room all cleaned? I just love that feeling but it seems to pass all too quickly! LOL