Monday, April 07, 2008

~*some flowers from around my yard*~

Daffodils in front of the stepping stone my daughter made me.
Against the front of the house.
Some mini daffs.
Some sweet smelling hyacinths.

Some different varieties together.
It seems to finally feel like Spring has started. The bulbs are starting to bloom although not in unison. And the tulips are just starting to pop their heads out of the ground. But at least the days are starting to get warmer. Today is supposed to be 50 and later this week it is supposed to get in the upper 50s. This is a big change from the cold and wet temperatures we have been having to endure. I hope this is the start of good things.


Mary Isabella said...

I am doing the happy dance here we had sunshine two days in a row.....Smiles

Laurie Anne said...

Great flowers, I wish I had planted more bulbs last fall. I wish I could find tulips that naturalize. My daffs are going nuts, but my tulips are just getting smaller and smaller each year. On Friday, I finally did some much needed weeding and moved a couple of plants around.
I was all jazzed to play in the dirt today, but alas, it is raining yet again. Oh well :0)