Friday, April 25, 2008


I had to re-pot my Christmas cactus today. It hasn't bloomed in awhile. It used to bloom twice a year, Christmas and Easter, but I think it was too pot bound. They like to be somewhat pot bound but I think it wasn't happy in the too small pot. So I used this cute flower pot I had. I hope I start to get flowers again this year. It has two different color flowers too. It has fuchsia pink colored ones and a salmon colored ones. I must have taken clips from two different peoples plants as that is how I get most of my house plants, but since I have had this one for such a long time, I can't remember who or where it came from.
I spent a good half hour today just shredding junk mail. Don't you hate that? I think it is worse than ever! And you have to be so careful because even the envelope has your name and address on it, not just through the little clear window anymore. Plus you have to check each piece of paper inside the envelope as they are printing your name on those as well. I do like the idea of sending junk mail back to the sender in their self addressed stamped envelopes (making sure I have nothing with my name and address on it inside the envelope of course!) and sending a clear message about receiving junk mail and how infuriating it really is... I wonder if American Express is interested in getting a credit card from Chase? I should not have to take so much of my time to shred mail I didn't ask to receive!!!
Ok, off the soapbox now!


Katy said...

Is that your dining room?? it is beautiful!!! I love it!!! The red color looks bold and truly fantastic in there!!! :)

Wendy said...

Love your dining room!!! The color is beautiful!! I know what you mean about shredding I too am tired of all the paper that is wasted by these companies!! Then we get charged for their waste!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!~Wendy

Kindra said...

I love your red dining room! My favorite color! I have my spare room red and just love it.
I can't stand junk mail either. Very time consuming to shread all that junk! Have a great weekend!

Rue said...

Hi Marie :)

Thank you so much for finding me in blogland and for your prayers for the farmhouse.

I agree about junk mail. What a pain in the neck!

I wish you good luck getting your Christmas cactus to bloom. Your dining room is darling :)

Have a great night,