Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~*Oh happy days*~

My "baby" with his Easter basket. I really wasn't going to do a basket for him this year, but at the last minute Dan said he talked about getting a basket. When is a kid too old for the Easter bunny to come visit...he is 17 1/2!
My sister in law Ruth gave me this adorable mini strawberry pot with pansies. It is so cute! We have a tradition in our family, the person who hosts the holiday dinner receives potted flowers. This year I gave my mom tulips. I thought I was going to be flower free in my home, which would just be sad, but then she gave these to me! Yay, she loves me, and knows me so well.
I put different candle wreaths around my lamp for Spring. The other ones had jingle bells. I am really trying to decorate for Spring but with the cold weather and all the rain it is hard to get motivated to get in the spring decorating mood. I did hang my sheets on the line this weekend to dry and that was nice, but that is not enough when we are expected to have cold temperatures (low 20's) for the overnights and rain and sleet this week. Just when I thought it was going to be nice out finally, the bad weather is back again!!! :(

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