Tuesday, February 26, 2008

~*fighting off the blues with some blue*~

Oh the winter blues are really starting to get to me...the weather has been so awful lately. Snow, pouring rain, freezing temperatures! So I thought I would try to fight the winter blues with a little game of blue! Literally! These are some items around my house that are blue. This is a part of a wall hanging I made with shades of blue fabric. It is hanging in the kitchen.
A little blue pencil holder that hangs on the side of my fridge. I just love the picture of the sheep on it...so primitive and rustic!
Some blue frames on the table next to my bed. I just love how they are all blue gingham but they are all different. You know how I adore gingham!!!
Some blue hearts hanging on the wall of my bedroom. Just a small touch of red with some double wick candles. I have blue in every room of the house so it wasn't hard to find blue, but these are some things that caught my eye today!


Laurie Anne said...

I think light blue gingham is the happiest looking fabric. It just cries sping and sunny :0)

Mary Isabella said...

I love the wall hanging. Hope everone is well at your house. So many people are sick around blogland...Smiles