Sunday, February 24, 2008

~*are you friggin kiddin'?*~

I just found out today that after waiting for the new season of "24" to begin this year I will have to wait another entire year! Why? Because of the writer's strike! I understand Fox's desire to air all the episodes of the show with no interuptions, but hey here is an idea...instead of only 1 one hour episode a night, why not air 2 one hour episodes a night. That way the viewers can catch up on the show and still not have to go into the summer months when Fox is afraid they will lose viewers. I cannot believe they don't think they will lose loyal viewers this way. Dan and I came into this show late. We actually caught this show on the 2nd or 3rd season with a weekend marathon of shows and we have enjoyed it so far, but we don't like to be put off by games and stupid antics. We are almost too fed up to continue watching Lost! I hope that Fox wakes up and decides to do something to appease the fans of "24" because I don't think going an entire year without new episodes is going to be a good choice for their fan base! Just my opinion...but I was pretty right on when it came to what happened with Jericho! And it is back on again this season with all new episodes. I know my TV!!!

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tracyellen said...

Wow...I thought the Lost hiatus was long, but an entire year? That's ridiculous. I don't watch 24, but I definitely feel for you.