Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was tagged by Laurie Ann over at .

4 Jobs I Have Had:
Administrative Assistant at a College
Pit Clerk at a Casino
U.S. Army Reserves Supply Specialist

4 Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
Where the Heart Is
National Treasure
Lonesome Dove

4 Places I Have Lived:
Pittsfield, MA
Syracuse, NY
Mystic, CT
Hampton, VA

4 People I E-mail Daily (I don’t really email anyone on a daily basis, I do check blogs daily so I will use those)
Tinker’s Piggies
An Unencumber’s Life
Acorn Cottage
Folded Gingham

4 Favorite Things to Eat
fruit salad

4 Places I Would Rather Be: tough one, especially since there really is no place I’d rather be.
On the beach

In a little cabin in the wood with a fire stranded in the snow

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:

Valentine’s Day
My birthday

Dan’s Birthday

Now I have to tag 4 people and since Laurie Ann has tagged some people that I would have tagged it is going to be a challange but I am going with .....

Mary at

TracyEllen at

Simply Stork at

and bj at

ok, that was fun....enjoy the day!


tracyellen said...

You used to live in Mystic, CT? We visited there on a family vacation when I was a little girl - I fell in love with that place and always dreamed of living there. Somehow I ended up in Iowa :-) Nice, but not quite the same thing...

Mary Isabella said...

Hey there,I too would like to be in a log cabin in a snown storm in Maine...LOL

Kellie said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Neighbor!

Laurie Anne said...

Hey Marie,
Just checking in to make sure you are okay :0)