Thursday, January 31, 2008

~*making scents*~

I love candles. I have them in every room. I burn them every day. But I am careful of the scents I get. I don't get perfumey, froo-froo scents. I try to stick to natural herbal or food scents. And I am especially careful to make sure I get candles that don't have wicks made with lead. Learned that in Real Estate school. I even have eucalyptus candles that I burn when I have a cold to help with congestion. One year for Christmas Dan and the kids filled a huge box with a bunch of little wrapped boxes, all different Yankee candles. It was a good Christmas. One of my favorite Yankee candle scents is MacIntosh Apple. But it is just as important what I have my candle burning in as the candle itself! Like this tin chimney and tray. I have had them for years and I still love them! They were a gift from my mom for my birthday one year.

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